Pro-Israel U.S. Rep. Gives Historic Speech at Israeli Knesset

by Leah Rosenberg

This pro-Israel U.S. rep. is always standing for Israel and standing against antisemitism. Rep. Elise Stefanik gave an unbelievable speech.

Pro-Israel U.S. Rep. Nails it in Must-Hear Speech

Elise Stefanik may not be the only pro-Israel U.S. rep., but she is definitely one of the strongest. She really gets it. Stefanik’s speech is powerful.

Sometimes, it feels like many people are against the Jewish people and the state of Israel. But Stefanik reminded the Jewish people that most people in America are with us. Yes, tragically there are some in the U.S. government and around the country who are standing on the wrong side of history. And it can feel like they are the majority because they make a lot of noise. But we must remember that there are numerous good people who are proudly and loudly supporting Israel. There are many who know right from wrong and good from evil. Most in the U.S. and in its government are indeed moral.

We are grateful that people like Rep. Elise Stefanik exist. She has a strong voice and isn’t afraid to publicly support Israel. We must not take that for granted! There’s a reason she received a standing ovation at the end of this speech!

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