Massive Hamas Attack – The terrifying Moment when a Gaza rocket Hits

by Avi Abelow

Hamas has fired more than two hundred rockets from Gaza into Israel on Saturday, and Israel’s Iron Dome system intercepted dozens of them. The Hamas continues to shoot rockets as this post is being sent out.

Air raid sirens sounded in Gaza-area towns, as well as in Beit Shemesh and other Jerusalem-area towns. Rockets also landed in the courtyards of a home and school in Kiryat Gat.

“We can confirm that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad together with Hamas are responsible for firing 200 rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians over the last 8 hours,” an IDF statement read.

When will Israel finally put a stop to this craziness from Gaza??? Israel must finally end this reign of terror! Finally! Israel must destroy all of the terrorists and the terror infrastructure, resettle the Gaza strip with Jewish settlements to make the area the “Singapore” it can be, allow all the Arabs that don’t want to live under Israeli control to leave, and to kill all those who continue to use terror. Not that many Gazan Arabs will remain to be a demographic problem. Yes, it’s that simple!

What is Happening?

Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza initiated today (4 May) a massive ‎shelling of over 200 rockets on Israeli towns and villages in southern Israel, causing ‎injuries to Israeli civilians as well as direct hits on Israeli homes.

This massive Gaza rocket attack follows yesterday’s shooting attacks ‎in which a Hamas sniper shot and injured Israeli soldiers who are protecting civilians on the border with Gaza were injured.‎

The IDF is responding by targeting terror facilities belonging to the Islamic Jihad and ‎Hamas terror organizations in the Gaza Strip. As a result, dozens of terror targets have been ‎destroyed, including an Islamic Jihad terror tunnel from Rafah, rocket launchers, and terror ‎training bases. Seven terrorists have been killed. by the IDF retaliation.

‎Hamas and Islamic Jihad are committing a double war crime:  ‎they are targeting Israeli civilians while firing rockets from within their own civilian population, ‎which they are using as human shields. ‎

Most people do not understand that the ‎Islamic Jihad is an Iranian proxy, using the Gaza residents as pawns in their war against Israel.

Hamas is ruthlessly ruling the Gaza Strip and it bears responsibility for any terror attack, sniper fire and ‎rocket launching from the Gaza Strip. Even though Hamas is a Sunni Muslim organization, associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, it also gets direct support from Shiite Iran as well.‎ Even though they are ruthless towards each other, they join forces to fight Israel.

‎The Iron Dome air defense system was activated dozens of times today, intercepting ‎rockets fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli communities. Israel will continue to do its utmost to protect its citizens and ensure their security, as long as the terror organizations controlling the Gaza Strip continue to attack Israel ‎and aim to kill Israeli civilians.‎‎

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are endangering the lives of Gaza’s ‎population, which is held captive under their murderous regime. ‎Israel will do everything to protect Israeli citizens. The day will come that Israel will destroy Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and the other Gaza terror organizations. We just wish that day would come sooner than later. Nobody deserves to live with the fear of rocket attacks. When that day comes, the Gazans will be better off as well, seeing the end of the terror regime that rules over them today.

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