Don’t even try to explain to me why I shouldn’t be angry

by Uri Pilichowski

Thursday was Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, in Israel. At 10:00 AM a siren sounds across the entire country and everything stops for two minutes.

Stores stop selling, customers stop shopping and on every highway, all cars stop, pull over and the drivers get out and stand still.

The two-minute break is used for prayer, silent contemplation or remembering all who we lost. The siren isn’t new for this year. It has been sounded for decades. The video above is the Jerusalem-Dead Sea highway (Highway 1).

It is shared by Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews and Arabs. All the Israeli cars pulled over. The Palestinian Arabs wouldn’t pull over.

The Holocaust wasn’t a Zionist event. It has nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a universal tragedy of evil overtaking good.

There aren’t “two viewpoints to the Holocaust.” You are either struck by its nefariousness or you’re happy it happened.

I’d expect Palestinian Arabs to show that they too recognize the tragedy of the Holocaust. But I watched over 50 Palestinian Arab cars drive by at full speed, past Israeli cars pulled over, as the memorial siren sounded. What do Palestinian Arabs refusing to commemorate the Holocaust tell you about their motivation to end the conflict with Israel? It doesn’t inspire confidence in me.

Arab Incitement
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