THIS IS TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! You read the headline below and shake your head saying ‘What could Netanyahu be thinking?’

by Uri Pilichowski

This looks like it is a perfect peaceful event, bringing Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs together. The headline makes one think ‘how could Netanyahu ban the Palestinian Arabs from the event?? He is such a racist!’

One Thinks…

‘Combatants for Peace’ is an organization that brings Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews together to build peace from the bottom up. It is exactly the kind of organization I feel is needed. The politicians and political leaders have made the situation worse, the only way it’ll get better is if the average Yossi and Ahmed get together and mourn, laugh, and talk together!

The Truth

That’s what I thought until I met with a Palestinian Arab from Combatants for Peace.

It became very clear to me that Combatants for Peace aren’t interested in dialogue. They wanted Jews to take their side of the argument to other Jews and convince them to give the Palestinian Arabs everything they demanded.

As soon as my “friend” understood that I was only into the peace part of the program, and not the “create a Palestinian State on Jewish land from the River to the Sea” part he called me a racist and refused to talk to me.

Then, of course, there is this farce of a joint memorial program. The Jewish Israelis spend the day mourning soldiers who died defending Israel and her people (Israel’s never fought an offensive war) and terror victims, killed by monsters hell-bent on destroying Israelis. Who are the Palestinians mourning? Terrorists who died in attempts – sometimes successful – of killing innocent Jews! It’s OUTRAGEOUS!!!

So to answer the first question posed above, what was Netanyahu thinking? In the words of former Jerusalem deputy mayor Dov Kalmanovich, To conflate the soldiers who died defending us with the terrorists who died attacking us and those soldiers is unbelievable and shocking. Would we allow the parents of Nazi soldiers killed in World War II to participate in our Holocaust memorial services?

Equating the Jewish Israeli suffering with Palestinian ‘suffering’ in this context is the same thing.”

Thank you Prime Minister Netanyahu. You seem to be the only one thinking with a clear head anymore.

Arab Incitement
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