The most powerful video showing the faces of the Gaza border

by Leah Rosenberg

These are the faces of the Gaza border. This is how innocent Israelis are forced to live because of Hamas terrorism. Hear their cries. Listen to them.

The Faces of the Gaza Border

The faces of the Gaza border on the Israeli side are the mothers and fathers. Sisters and brothers. Children. Friends. Innocent people. The media will never tell you about them, but they just want to live their lives normally. They have dreams and hopes. These people – men, women, and children alike – do not want to fear the siren anymore. The noise of the rockets. The smell of fire. The smell of fear. They have had enough. Can you really look in their eyes and side with the terrorists on the other side of the fence? Have you seen these innocent people try to infiltrate Gaza armed with knives? Have they sent over rockets and fire kites? No. But Hamas has. They have even sent children into Israel with knives. Is it so hard to see the truth here?

The Media has it ALL Wrong

The media has everything twisted. They criticize Israel for responding with any amount of force as Hamas sends rockets and instigates violence. One side is a terrorist entity, one side is not. It is as simple as that. The world condemns the Israel Defense Forces for defending its country and people. They condemn innocent Israelis for living in their own homes. And the terrorists? They sympathize with them. The media cries out and feels sorry when a terrorist is killed. That is the sad truth.

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