As the West tries to promote the hijab, women in the Middle East are doing THIS

by Leah Rosenberg

The Western countries promote freedom of speech or freedom of religion. Many countries are proud that they promote such freedom. However, across the world there are countries that are doing the opposite.


What is the Hijab? It is a veil worn by Muslim women, it usually covers their hair and chest, some might take it to the extreme and cover their face, so only their eyes are showing. Not only Jewish People but also Islam has a standard of modesty.

In the Quran the term Hijab is used, it can be referred to as a partition or curtain, some kind of separation. Many Muslim women wear this to maintain the modesty that the Quran requires. In countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is part of the law to wear a Hijab. Not wearing a Hijab can lead to a fine or even jail time.

Where in a country you are fined for not wearing one, in 2004, France passed a law. This law states “symbols or clothes through which students conspicuously display their religious affiliation in public primary schools, middle schools, and secondary schools

People vs Dictatorship

The United States of America, basis itself on the freedom of speech. The citizens have a right to practice areas of like the way they want. They are allowed to protest and the media is free to publish what they think. It is a free society.

Dictatorship, is the opposite, it is an authoritarian form of government. There is no freedom of speech in a dictatorship. The most common example of a dictatorship is Nazi Germany. There are different forms of dictatorship, some might see Monarchies as a dictatorship, military dictatorship. Mussolini in Italy, Stalin in the Soviet Union, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, is also known for his dictatorship.

In certain Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia they enforce Islamic Law. Women are fined or even sent to jail for not wearing a Hijab. Up until 2011 it was illegal for women to vote! This was just under 100 years after women gained the vote in other countries across Europe. It was then in 2015 they were allowed to be elected into office. It was only in 2018 that women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, when King Salman lifted the ban.

Changing these laws was a win for the Women Movement. They felt they were finally given control of their life. In 2011 in Saudi Arabia there were more females in University than men. The female literacy rate was up to 91%, still lower than the male literacy rate. But this is the highest it has been in the last 40 years.

Countries in the middle east are catching up with countries in the West. Many of the laws that are being passed now or even in the past recent years, in the middle east, were passed over a 100 years ago in the West.

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