The truth about UNRWA corruption is exposed at the United Nations

by Leah Rosenberg

Speaking the truth at the UN is not a given. Most actually spread lies. But then there are the brave few who are willing to slam the UN for its corruption.

Truth at the UN

Sharing the truth at the UN? Well, that does not always happen. Especially when it comes to Israel. The United Nations has become a platform for criticizing and spreading lies about the one Jewish state. It is done by the world’s worst human rights abusers. Yet, everyone listens. The UN has failed at its duties. It allows for terrible things to happen in the world while wrongly accusing Israel of everything under the sun.

One of its branches known as UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) does nothing productive. They actually are responsible for encouraging and allowing Palestinian Arab terrorism and incitement!


Finally. UNRWA gets slammed AT the United Nations itself! UNRWA has been perpetuating a “Palestinian refugee” problem that should not exist. And Dr. Einat Wilf lays it down perfectly to the UN. Representatives at the UN continue to condemn Israel on false pretenses. And countries continue to fund UNRWA and give money, which ultimately ends up going toward terrorism and incitement. It does not go toward helping any poor “Palestinian” refugee, who in fact should not be considered a refugee at all.

If the United Nations does not care about defending the truth, what do they care about? What do they really even stand for?

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