Iranian president, Rouhani, sits down with Chris Wallace for an exclusive interview

by Phil Schneider

Rouhani claims that there is an erosion of trust between the Iranian leadership and President Trump. He calls Trump, inhumane, and even uses the word, “terrorism” to describe the Trump policies against Iran. Chris Wallace respectively asks tough questions about Yemen and Iranian cruise missiles. Rouhani respectively lies right through his teeth and deceptively avoids dealing head-on with the issues. Is sitting down with an Iranian dictator and speaking to him in a reasonable manner the right thing to do? I think the answer is yes. The reason is not in order to actually work things out, but to expose the absurd opinions of the dictators. Daylight is the most important enemy to dictators.

Iran Does Not Support Terrorism

Rouhani makes it perfectly clear. When Iran gives tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars per year to the Hizbullah and Hamas in order to build up and send missile barrages at the State of Israel, that is a defensive action. That’s right. Firing thousands of missiles at Israeli populations is a defensive action in order to defend their land that is occupied. That is what Rouhani believes. What is the occupied land that they are referring to? They are referring to the entire Land of Israel. Any time anybody talks about Israel’s occupied territories, the truth is that they are referring to the entire State of Israel. The Arabs have learned that this argument holds water with liberal-minded people. so, they cling on to it as if it is their best line of defense.

But it actually reveals that the State of Israel’s very existence is the problem that the Iranians have with the State of Israel. They have never accepted the right of the State of Israel to exist and they will do anything they can to weaken the State of Israel. The interview is very good at exposing who is truly funding the fight against the Jewish people. And as Rouhani says, ‘It’s not terrorism – it’s defense.”

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