A prayer for the state of Israel

by Chaya Cikk

This is the most beautiful prayer for the State of Israel. Israel is a small country that is thriving in the midst of its enemies. All we ask from God is that He should protect us and deliver peace.

A Prayer

We pray to God for many reasons. To ask Him for something such as, a job or a spouse or to make a family or friend better. We may also pray to God to thank Him for things that He has done. Praying makes us feel closer to God, God wants us to have a relationship with Him.

State of Israel

This specific prayer is for the State of Israel. The Jewish People were sent into exile after the Second Temple was destroyed. Many believe with the creation of the State of Israel, this was the beginning of the redemption. Soon to be followed by the building of the Third Temple.

Additionally, Israel is a small strip of land surrounded by many enemies. This prayer asks that God protect all who defend it. The Soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces, the Navy officers, the pilots in the Air Force and many others.

Furthermore, in this prayer, we also ask for God to give those in charge of Israel. For example, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and others the strength to make the right decision. When the region is going through hard times, such as during the intifada or operations in Gaza. Israel has needed strong leadership. God has guided the leaders the right way, in order to make the best decision for the country.

Most importantly, this prayer asks for peace. Which is what the Jewish People pray for daily. No more war, no more fighting. Being able to live in peace in the land of Israel, the Land God promised our forefathers, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

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