Black Conservative comes out strongly against growing antisemitism in US

by Leah Rosenberg

Deneen Borelli is a proud Black Conservative. And at this rally, she did what every Jew and non-Jew should do: Stand up against the growing antisemitism!

Black Conservative Taking a Stand

Deneen Borelli has a strong voice. So many, even in the Jewish world, refuse to take a strong stance against the growing antisemitism in the US. But this Black Conservative has made it her duty to fight against the hate.

As she said, “I guess you’re thinking – she’s not a Jew, what is she doing here? Well, I am an American, Roman Catholic, Black Conservative female…” One does not have to be Jewish to bring attention to what is happening in the US. Borelli said, “Shockingly, antisemitism is the new normal.”

Why Don’t People Care?

Borelli brings up an important point – people ignore the antisemitism. They see that an attack happened, and they turn the page. Sadly, Deneen says, it has been mainly Blacks who have attacked Jews in New York City. But it does not get the front page news it deserves. Yet, she points out, that if a white person assaulted a black person, it WOULD be front page news!

Borelli Calls Out Omar and Tlaib

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are horrendous antisemites. Deneen Borelli called them out for what they are. In this speech, she called out everyone who needed to be called out!

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