Understanding what’s behind the ceasefire with Gaza

by Leah Rosenberg

The Gaza ceasefire has been a hot topic. Are there benefits? Is it helpful, or is it destructive to have this continuous circle of rockets and ceasefires?

Hamas Rocket Fire

Hamas wants to destroy Israel. They want to murder Israelis. Their goals are clearly written in their charter. It is pretty simple. The world tries to make that part so complicated. There should never be a question of whether or not Hamas is a terrorist organization. It is mind-boggling that some people still debate which side is “right.” Israel goes out of its way to avoid civilian causalities on BOTH sides, and Hamas deliberately murders.

Hamas has fired rockets at Israel for years and years to try to harm Israelis and destroy Israel, and Israelis just want to live in peace.

Gaza Ceasefire

There has been yet another ceasefire. Some support it, and some don’t. The communities surrounding the Gaza Strip just want the rockets to stop. They want peace. They want their children to feel safe.

So what does Israel do? Destroy all of Gaza? Slowly bomb certain areas? Agree to a ceasefire? It is complicated. There are many factors.

But listen to Israel Defense Forces Reserve General Eitan Dangot, who has served as military secretary to multiple Israeli Ministers of Defense and has also served as government coordinator in the West Bank and Gaza. He mentions things that people don’t always think about.

The situation is simple – Hamas wants to destroy Israel. But all the ramifications of what Israel is trying to do to protect its country and people is much more complicated.

Let’s hope that Israel is working on a comprehensive strategy that will insure and enduring quiet and stability for the Israeli side.


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