Muslim reformer tells the truth regarding the “Palestinian” crisis

by Leah Rosenberg

What is a Muslim reformer?  Is it someone who would like to modify the classic understanding of his religion?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps it is someone who thinks that his religion has been modified into one that is radicalized?  Either way, the message of this Muslim reformer is correct.  The essential nature of the conflict in the Middle East and around the world is a religious conflict.

Land Dispute or Religious Dispute?

There is much confusion about this issue – both in Israel and outside of Israel.  If the Arabs in Israel complain about the settlements all of the time, then doesn’t that show that they really care about land more than anything else?  Some will counter that they only complain about settlements, but they really care most about the Al-Aqsa mosque – the Temple Mount where two Jewish Temples stood.  That would indicate that they care most about the religious aspects.

The truth is that both are right.  The Arabs that are at the forefront of the battle against Israel care most about their religion.  It is indeed a religious war.  However, one of the most central expressions of the religious war is the war over the land.  In this part of the world, the Land is Holy – thus the term – Holy Land.  That means that any solution that is based on splitting of the Land will not improve anything – it will just get both sides more riled up.

Religious Solutions to Religious Problems

There may not be a quick and easy solution to the problems between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East – but there is a solution to the constant attacks on the Jewish State.  Things will improve in a significant way – only when the Arab population in Israel accepts total defeat in their attempts to destroy the Jewish State.  Resounding victory is the key to a peaceful resolution when one is dealing with genocidal terrorists.  This is the religious solution that will have a lasting impact for future generations.

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