The House speech that made every Jerusalem-lover proud

by Leah Rosenberg

When we hear somebody get up in Congress to deliver a speech about Jerusalem, especially with pictures from a trip to Jerusalem, it will probably be important.  This one was no exception.

Jerusalem is the historic capital of Israel.  But, it only became the recognized capital of the State of Israel recently under the presidency of Donald Trump.  Rep. Ros-Lehtinen understands this better than nearly any other member of the US Congress.  Jerusalem is a 3,000 year old city that has been and continues to be unearthed every day.  We have already uncovered structures, coins, and seals that go back to the exact time of King David. So, is the only reason Jerusalem is so important to the Jewish people due to the ancient Jewish nature of the city? No.  It is so much more than that

Spiritual Center

Israel has always stood at the center of all life of the Jewish people.  From the time that God called out to Abraham and told him to leave his birthplace and go to His homeland, God referred to the Land of Israel.  When Abraham binded Isaac at the altar, it was in Jerusalem.  Most of the life of Jacob and the 12 tribes took place in the Land of Israel.  But it is not just the beginning of Jewish history which took place in the Holy Land.  Throughout the long exile, the Jewish people have always yearned to return to the Holy Land.  The main goal was always to return to Jerusalem – the center of all spiritual energy of the Jewish people.

This speech explains the special essence of Jerusalem from an archaeological angle that focuses on the – always being unearthed – City of David.

Thank you Rep. Lehtinen.


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