PM Netanyahu Wishes Happy Thanksgiving to All Americans

by Avi Abelow

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us in Israel! Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a special holiday greeting for all Americans.


A core concept of the Jewish people is the attitude of gratitude. We are instructed to pray three times a day and make blessings on everything! Not just blessings before we eat food, by we bless after we eat food. And not just blessings on food. We make blessings when we see a rainbow and we make a blessing when we hear thunder. Since we believe everything comes from the one above, we not only make blessings for good things but we even make blessings on sad things. When a person dies, an extremely sad event, we make the blessing “Blessed be the judge of justice”.

As you can see gratitude and thanks permeates our existence as a people, and our daily individual lives. Part of our purpose as a nation is to spread this attitude of gratitude and thanks to all. For all to internalize that there is a higher being out there, our creator, to which we owe thanks for everything. And why is it so important to remember to thank the one above? To help each and every one of us then be grateful, in all areas of our lives, to others as well, for big and little things.

Thank you America

We are thankful for the existence of the United States of America, one of the most unbelievable nation-states ever in history. No, America is not perfect, just like no country is perfect. Each and every country has its flaws. A country is a living organism, with pressures to change from all directions. With its flaws and all, we are grateful for the existence of the USA and thankful for its friendship with Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Those Americans who have stopped celebrating Thanksgiving and stopped feeling grateful for the amazing life that America affords them, are missing the message of Thanksgiving. It is their loss in losing that level of appreciation and gratitude, as well as a sad testament to the direction they are trying to steer society today.

We, in Israel look, forward to continuing to work together with the USA, as partners in making this world a better and safer place for all freedom-loving people.

Happy Thanksgiving America!

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