Ultra-Orthodox Jews taught the entire world how to protest

by Leah Rosenberg

Sometimes, sadly, the media gives Ultra-Orthodox Jews negative attention. People claim things that just aren’t true. But Jews and non-Jews should see this.

Protest, Peace, and Prayer

These Ultra-Orthodox Jews set an example to the entire world – Jews and non-Jews alike – of how to protest in the right way. Their protest had nothing to do with Coronavirus. It was a local issue they were dealing with in the city of Arad. And they chose to protest peacefully, with masks and social distancing, and with prayer.

Protests throughout the world have become violent. They have become deadly. Destructive. And social distancing has by no means been kept. Masks? Maybe some. Prayer? Definitely not. There have been many lies that these protest are peaceful. That is far from the truth.

But these Hasidim, known as Ger Hasidim, protested peacefully and with prayer. They called out to G-d. They turned to Him in their time of struggle. That is exactly what everyone should do. Yes, you have to put in your own effort to bring about a desired response. And they did – they went out to protest. But that always must be accompanied by prayer and faith; by knowing that G-d controls what happens in the world.

The Ultra-Orthodox are not Bad

Amongst other types of Jews and non-Jews, there is negative talk about the Ultra-Orthodox community. But it is important to realize that not every Ultra-Orthodox Jew does the wrong thing. Are there some who do? Of course! Just like there are people of every religion, nationality, and race who do the wrong thing. But to categorize an entire group of people into one definition is wrong.

Hopefully, this video will show the world that this sect of Jews is a unique one. They are not all the same. Let’s stop giving an entire group of people a bad name.

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