Antifa/BLM Riots Are About To Explode After Chauvin’s Murder Charge Is Dismissed

by Micha Gefen

America’s dystopian reality continues unabated as Derek Chauvin’s 3rd Degree murder charge is thrown out. With 13 days to go until the US elections, America’s streets are about to explide again.

The twists and turns of 2020 keep on getting crazier and crazier as Derek Chauvin, the cop seen keeling on George Floyd’s neck has now had his 3rd degree murder charge dropped.

Mass violence is expected to sweep America’s major cities in the coming days. With 13 days to until election day mass riots by Antifa and BLM may help Trump close the final gap between himself and Joe Biden.

That being said, in an October that has had more than one surprise, many more events are expcted to happen before elction day.

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