US Security Forces Are Preparing For Civil Unrest On Nov. 3 And Beyond

by Micha Gefen

With the US election now less than two weeks away, security forces across the country are preparing for mass civil unrest.

No matter how you slice it, America is heading for a post-election period of chaos. While it is clear Trump is closing the gap and may even win in the Electoral College, despite leftists attempts at vote rigging by using mail in ballots, Biden will most likely win the popular vote.

If Biden wins the popular vote by a slim margin, riots will ensue, but may cool off down the line. However, if Biden wins the popular vote by more than 3 percent and loses the electoral college by a slim margin – a scenario which looks very plausible, expect wide scal civil unrest across the country.

If people thought the summer time was madness, after nov. 3rd America may never be the same.

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