What the land of Israel looks like when blessed with holy rains

by Leah Rosenberg

The land of Israel is different than other places. You feel G-d more. You feel the need to ask Him for everything – including the rain.

The Land of Israel

Have you ever been to the land of Israel? The holiest place in the world? The soil upon which G-d’s presence rests? Certain things are beyond explanation. And being in Israel is one of those things. You can try to describe the feeling, but words do not do it justice.

You may think Israel is just desert land, but you could not be more mistaken.

The beauty. The history. The mountains and valleys. There is just so much to feel. There is so much to see and experience.

Watching a video like this gives you a glimpse of just some of what exists in Israel. There is so much more!

This video was shortly after a rainy season in Israel. That is when the green covers the land!

The Connection with G-d

Something unique about Israel is that you feel G-d’s presence more and feel the need to rely on Him. Although in other places in the world of course you need to rely on G-d, in Israel, it is built into the system.

Israel has a rainy season. And during that time, we must ask G-d for the rain. It is part of the daily prayers to ask Him. It is not a given. Rain is not something that is taken for granted in the Holy Land.

It is such a beautiful thing to be so connected to G-d like that. We directly ask for things when the season for it comes.

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