The beauty of Israel’s North after the rain

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s North is absolutely beautiful, to say the least. And when it rains in Israel, it is a blessing. These are the stunning views after a rainfall.

Israel’s North After the Rain

It is not just “regular” when it rains in Israel. And that is why this video of Israel’s North after a rainfall is special. In general, Northern Israel is a wonderful place to visit! But especially after a rainfall.

When it rains anywhere in Israel, it is considered a blessing. Israel is not like the rest of the world. It is unique. There are the rainy seasons when it is considered a blessing that it rains, and then there are the seasons where it is not supposed to rain. Even during the rainy seasons, there are droughts. The Jewish people pray for rain, and when there are still no signs of rain, sometimes the rabbis will institute a day of fasting to try to beg God for the rain. The connection between the land of Israel, the Jewish people, and God is unbreakable. And it can be seen just by taking a look at the way God relates to the Jewish people and the weather in Israel.

No Complaining When it’s Raining

In the rest of the world, it is hard to see the rain as a blessing. But in Israel, people really try to not complain when it rains. Because it is truly a blessing that God is providing the land with rain. Living in Israel is meaningful in every regard – even concerning the weather. We just have to open our eyes and see all the blessings that God is providing to the Jewish people and Israel!

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