Foreign country intends to meddle in Israeli elections through cyber attacks

by Phil Schneider

Israel is now in the midst of an interesting season of elections for the leadership of the country. Some think that a foreign country may want to meddle just as many suspect the Russians meddled in the United States elections of 2016. Is this true? Or is it perhaps a conspiratorial idea with little basis?


Just a few months ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu seemed as if he would be a shoo-in yet again to retain the job of Prime Minister. However, now it is not as clear. Most pundits still think that he has the best chance of setting up a government at the end of the elections. But, many wild cards have now entered into the fray, and things don’t look that simple anymore.

The New Right

To the right of Netanyahu’s Likud party, there is a new and attractive alternative – the New Right party. They are led by two political heavyweights – Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked. They served as Minister of Education and Minister of Justice respectively. They are young, successful and represent an attractive right wing alternative to the present Likud party. Many on Israel’s right believe that the Likud has strayed from basic principles and would like an alternative. The New Right party may grab 1-2 seats from the Likud.

The General’s Party

To the left of the Likud stands several parties. However, the most exciting party that may turn into the surprise of the election is the General’s party. At it’s helm serve two former Chiefs of Staff. That will certainly pull some votes into that party.

There are some who think that the Likud may turn into the big loser in this election, but Benjamin Netanyahu will still cobble together a coalition. He’ll be in charge, but with a lot of front seat and back seat drivers crowding the driver’s wheel as Israel goes forward.

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