A taste of the Galilee – literally!

by Leah Rosenberg

The Galilee is Israel’s northern region.  Many think it is the most beautiful part of the State of Israel – especially the northern region.  One of the main features of Israel’s north is the Sea of Galilee at the southeastern side of the mountain range. It is one of the greenest areas in the country.  Additionally, despite all of the wars that Israel has fought, most of the area of the Galilee has still retained its beautiful pastoral serenity.

Food in the Galilee?

The Galilee is perhaps the tourist mecca of the State of Israel.  The views are just one reason.  But you can’t go anywhere in Israel without the food as an essential aspect of the itinerary – even up North.  There are hundreds of tourist destinations in the northern part of Israel.  Due to the mountainous terrain and rivers, there are popular sights for waterfalls and hiking.  But most of all, it is probably the most relaxed place in the State of Israel for any visitor.


One of the quiet revolutions that has gone on in Israel over the last few decades is the blossoming of many wineries.  Due to Israel’s unique weather patterns and terrain, the North is one of the areas in Israel that is perfectly suited for vineyards.

This short video features a restaurant and winery in the North that is fast becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Quiet in the Galilee

Most of the time, the Galilee is quiet and serene.  But once every few years – ten years at the most – a major conflagration occurs between Israel and it’s neighbors to the North.

The economic situation of almost all tourist sites gets hit whenever the North gets hot.  The people who have invested in building up the North deserve a lot of praise for their willingness to persevere through difficulties.

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