A father slams BBC for giving his child’s murderer a platform to gain sympathy

by Phil Schneider

Sky News does an excellent job at displaying the true face of Arab terrorists. They often look like sweet people, but they smile and express no remorse at what they have done. BBC is a mouthpeace for terrorists like this. BBC should not merely be called out for this. They should be treated as a horrible news station for this and other anti-Israel policies.

The news from the BBC is the most unobjective news station today. Tamimi, a vile terrorist according to all accounts, claims that her personal rights are violated when she cannot do as she wishes. This is a woman who held a guitar box filled with a massive bomb and brought it to a suicide terrorist who then killed 15 people, including 8 children, in downtown Jerusalem. This woman belongs behind bars – at the very least. She is only free because of an Israeli policy to free the worst terrorists in order to free an Israeli prisoner.

To run a country means to place oneself in a very uncomfortable situation where one needs to say no to all kinds of interest groups. Israel has been pressured endlessly to free terrorists – with blood on their hands – whenever one of their own is stuck behind enemy lines. One literally needs to have nerves of steel to say no to a majority of the country who want to free an Israeli prisoner in exchange for hundreds of terrorists. Benjamin Netanyhau did not stand up to the pressure and freed the terrorists. This was a mistake that Israel has paid for and will continue to pay for for decades.

Dr. Risch

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