Ben Shapiro and Orthodox Black rapper discuss Rap music and racism

by Leah Rosenberg

If you have never heard of Orthodox Black rapper Nissim Black, now is the time. He is unique and has the ability to connect to people of all religions.

The Unique Orthodox Black Rapper

Nissim Black is an Orthodox Black rapper. He is not your regular Orthodox Jew or your regular Black rapper. And his interview with Ben Shapiro shows that.

Nissim gives a quick glimpse at his past life. It is not what you expect if you just saw him on the street. He completely changed the direction he was headed and started a life of connecting with G-d.

But what is so unique is the way that Black connects to G-d. He is proof that you can genuinely connect to G-d is so many different ways. He does not just connect through music but through rap music. It is rare to have rap music with a positive message. But Nissim gives that positive message. All his songs are to bring himself and others closer to G-d. Even those who are not Jewish can appreciate his music.


Nissim points out something that is especially pertinent now as there are those in America claiming that America is a racist country. He said, “The more and more you pay attention to it, the more and more it pays attention to you.”

He is not looking for those who are racist. His mindset is somewhere else. His goal is to bring himself and others closer to G-d. Can you imagine if everyone else had that goal too? The world would be a different place.

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