Michelle Obama’s blatant lies about the protests across America

by Phil Schneider

When 1,000 people gather peacefully to protest, and then 50-100 of them go and riot at the end of the protests, are the protesters largely peaceful? Yes. Most of the protesters indeed are peaceful, because 900 or more of them did not do anything violent. That is factually true, but it evades the central issue. And so does Michelle Obama. Not a word calling for the rioters to stop their violence and destruction in the same of “racial justice”. Not one word. And her silence on calling them out speaks louder than her actual words.

The central issue is that there are “protesters”, who might be in the minority, who are rioting. The protesters often are indeed anti-police and anti-law and order. Listen to them. It is a central message of theirs. They believe that the solution to the alleged racism among police and society as a whole will be through breaking down societal norms in order to rebuild a world free of racism against black people. Not only will that be more dangerous for Americans, it will be more dangerous for all of us if that movement continues to grow in the US and abroad.

The peaceful protesters – indeed, there are many – know good and well, that if they occupy hundreds of policemen in their peaceful protests, the hoodlums, a rather well-organized group, will do the dirty work for them.

But even if this thesis is wrong, and many of the protesters are indeed peaceful and do not support the rioters, that does not negate the seriousness of the rioters. The rioters are a mix of anarchists, violent anti-Trump hoodlums, and radical leftists who are sick of living in a world of law and order. The fact that the Obamas and Kamala Harris have refused to call out the rioters is evidence that if the Democratic party takes power again in the Oval Office, we will have more social workers working to calm down rioters and less policemen. The results of this kind of policy are evident in the cities of Chicago and New York where a weak Democratic leadership refuses to restore order. Do we want President Obama’s policies to dominate once again across cities in the United States?

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