DEJA VU 2020: Trump Closes In On Biden As The Left Begins To Panic

by Micha Gefen

The MSM wants viewers to believe that Joe Biden cannot be stopped. Yet, even they are increasingly getting nervous as their Deep State Globalist agenda is running out of steam just at the wrong time.

In fact, if one disregards the polls that are obviously skewed then the race is quite close as the Trafalgar’s poll suggests. This is why Hunter Biden’s laptops are so pivotal right now. There is no dispute that these are real. And now there is no dispute that Joe Biden knew about it – he did.

All of this brings up images of the American Govt. as a perpetual swamp for political creatures like Biden and others who use their offices to get rich while ordinary Americans are increasingly crushed under international trade deals and corporate interests.

It also means that President Trump has something to rally around. A point where he can say – “You see this is why they are trying to get me out.”

Democrats may believe the poll numbers, but experts and those in the Biden camp do not. The most that will happen post election day is political trench warfare that will make the 2000 fiasco look like a sitcom.

Then again, the left’s goal might be just that – to create enough chas that America itself can no longer stand.

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