Ultra-Orthodox bride did something at her wedding that amazed everyone

by Leah Rosenberg

The hidden talent some people have are amazing! This young ultra-orthodox bride surprised everyone at her wedding with her amazing talent by playing the drums.


This is a broad spectrum of groups from within Judaism. Ultra-Orthodox members are also referred to as Hareidim, they regard themselves as the most religiously authentic group of Jews. There are many Ultra-Orthodox communities, many in Israel but there are across America and across Europe.

Ultra-Orthodox started as a reaction to social changes. It was a time where Jewish National Movements were on the rise. Jews were attending Universities, having jobs such as Doctors, Teachers. Jews were moving into the modern era. Jews were beginning to embrace modernity. However, the approach of the Ultra-Orthodox was to keep Jewish law by segregating themselves from modern society.

Modesty In Judaism

Modestus is the Latin word, which means keeping within measure. It is where the modern-day modesty comes from. Standards of modesty differ between cultures and religions. Modesty in Judaism goes beyond the aspects of clothing.

Modesty in Judaism is not just for clothing but also for behavior in public and private places. The principal guiding point is that a Jew should dress modestly so as not to draw undue attention. There are many different interpretations of modesty, different people from different communities will dress differently.

In the Ultra-Orthodox community, this would mean that woman need to dress appropriately. They will wear clothing that covers their elbows and their knees, whether this would mean a long skirt or tights underneath. The woman will avoid eye-catching colors and tight clothing. They will also wear blouses up to the collar bone.

Ultra-Orthodox men also have some rules of modesty they keep to. Many men avoid wearing short sleeve and shorts. If they do wear sandals they do with socks.

Modesty is not just about the way we dress but the war we behave. There are laws that don’t allow women to sing in front of men. There are also laws about men and women being alone in a room together, known as Yichud. Laws about touching before marriage, called Negiah. In the Synagogue there is a Mechitza, a separation between men and woman, they pray separately.

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