The lie about Palestinian Arab poverty

by Phil Schneider

Are Arabs in Israel poor? Some are, some are not. It is really that simple. But the vast majority of the Arabs in Israel live a much better lifestyle than Arabs in nearly every other country in the Middle East. Let’s analyze what advantages Arabs have in the Middle East that they do not have outside of the State of Israel.

Medical Care

Arabs in Israel are all treated with the most advanced Jewish and Arab doctors in Israeli or Arab hospitals – as they choose. Israel has socialized medicine and treats all of it’s citizens and non-citizens with the most advanced medical advances. It is good to be sick in Israel. It is so good to be treated in Israel that Arabs who are wounded in the Syrian Civil War occasionally cross the Israeli-Syrian border in order to receive treatment in Israel.

Freedom of Religion

There are many non-Muslim Arabs who live in the Middle East. The only country that allows genuine freedom of religion in the Middle East is Israel. Christian Arabs in Israel have full religious freedom. In most other countries of the Middle East, they are in mortal danger.

Economic Opportunity

There are very few countries in the Middle East with as many wealthy Arabs who are not in the leadership of the country. Meaning, in most Arab countries, most of the wealth is held by less than 1% of the population. In Israel, there is also somewhat of a problem of corruption at the head of the Arab population. However, there are many Arab families who are full members of the middle class and who have experienced significant upward mobility due to the spirit of freedom in enterprise in Israel.

In a nutshell, it’s good to be an Arab in Israel despite the fact that Israel and the Arab leadership have not figured out how to set up a lasting peace agreement.

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