IDF Destroys Home of Terrorist Baby Killer

by Avi Abelow

The IDF demolished the home of the terrorist Salah Barghouti, who carried out the shooting attack in Ofra last December, murdering baby Amiad Israel Ish-Ran and wounding seven others. His home is located in the village of Kobar, north of Ramallah.

Message from the Grandfather

Chaim Silberstein, grandfather of the murdered baby posted the following message on facebook:

Although this comes four months late we are grateful and relieved that the IDF finally carried out this necessary action. We hope that this will help increase the sorely needed deterrence of Israel against terrorism. This should be only one of a list of actions needed to both punish and deter terrorists and want to be terrorists. These actions include destroying the homes of accomplices expelling of the families and their helpers, preventing pay for slay payments, worsening of the hotel like conditions in the prisons and death sentences for convicted murderers. May Hashem avenge the blood of our grandson Amiad Yisrael and all the victims of terrorism

The Mentality Ignored by the West

For those who do not understand the Arab Muslim mindset to get up one morning and decide to murder innocent Jews, please read the following recent testimony from the terrorist who murdered Uri Ansbacher in Jerusalem a few months ago. It is very telling. The Middle East is not Kansas and Islam is not a culture like Judaism or Christianity. Until this fact is understood by the West, freedom-loving people in the world will remain in danger from the growing terror emanating from the spreading of Islam

Arfa’iya (the terrorist): I made my parents very proud of what I did.

Investigator: How does murder and rape cause pride? (the terrorist brutally raped Uri before murdering her)

You can not understand this because our thinking is different if you ask anyone who stands at a military checkpoint if he was happy to kill a Jew .. You will see that I did everything that an Arab dreams of.

Investigator: Why did not you do this a while ago only if you so longed for it?

Arfa’a: This is not what Allah planned for me (laughs) The murder is the best and most important speech I ever made in my life. If she had survived, it would have meant that I failed in what I planned and did not succeed in. It was the hardest feeling I felt in my life.

I wanted to murder a number of Jews and not one but when I was there I saw that Allah sent me the Jewess and I understood that I should kill her. That was the fate that Allah summoned me.

Arpaya: I planned to go somewhere to wear a skullcap so that they would think I was a Jew and stab as many Jews as possible. If I did not meet a girl on the way I would enter Jerusalem.

After I murdered her, I stayed for a while. I waited for more Jewish men to come and surprise them with a knife and kill them. If I died in the attempt to kill more Jews, it would be blessed because I was dead as a martyr.”


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