Democratic Congresswoman “Infatuated with Terrorists”

by Avi Abelow

Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has said horrible things, including her horrendous words referencing the 9/11 terror attack “Some people did something” speaking at a CAIR-LA event a few weeks ago. CAIR is the front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood and the umbrella organization for terror organizations including Hamas.

As you see below, even Saudi Arabia, a country that historically has funded terror organization, today admits that Hamas is bad. MEMRI has translated recent articles in the Saudi Arabian press documenting this. Yet the Democratic party allows one of their own Congresswoman to associate with CAIR, and take lightly terror and other terror organizations like Al-Qaueda and Hezbollah.

Columnist in Saudi Daily Al-Madina: Hamas Members Have Become Gazans’ Hangmen; The Arab Countries Must Expel Them From Gaza

Al-Madina (Saudi Arabia), March 26, 2019

In his March 26, 2019 column in the Saudi daily Al-Madina,Sultan Al-‘Anqari criticized Hamas following its suppression of the popular protests in the Gaza Strip, and added that it was using terrorism and repression against its residents and that its rule was no different from that of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Adding that Hamas was motivated by lust for money, and was closing its eyes to the destruction its patron Qatar was wreaking on Arab countries, he also called on the Arab countries to expel Hamas from Gaza and to punish its members, and also to punish Qatar that supports it. He wrote:

“The oppression, the subjugation, and the terrorism that Hamas is using against millions of Palestinian residents in Gaza proves beyond a doubt that we are facing an opportunistic Muslim Brotherhood (MB) movement employing the method used by the corrupt MB, that worships the dinar and the dirham… Since Hamas’s coup against the PA, it has made the densely populated Gaza [Strip] into a huge prison. Furthermore, it guards the gates of this prison on Israel’s behalf, as [Israel] scratches its back… They [Hamas] have replaced the soldiers of the Israeli occupation as the Gazans’ hangmen. Hamas’s leader, the head of the snake – MB member Khaled Mash’al… closes his eyes to the destruction and ruin that the regime of the two Hamads [i.e. Qatar[2]] is bringing to the Arab countries, and is indifferent to it, as long as his pockets, and the pockets of his terror gangs in Gaza, are full. Reality tells us that there is no difference between the Emirate of the Taliban in Afghanistan and that of the MB in Gaza…

“Hamas, the agent in Palestine of the deviant leader[3] [Ali] Khamenei, is an obstacle that must be forcibly removed by the Egyptian side via the Rafah crossing, and by the PA. [Hamas] must be placed between hammer and anvil, in order to disarm it and hand [its weapons] over to the PA. Hamas in Palestine is a copy of the party of Satan [i.e. Hizbullah, lit. “party of God”] in Lebanon, and there is no difference between the two. The Arab countries must help the PA retake Gaza from the men of the coup – the Hamas militia – and must punish the terror statelet Qatar, that supports terrorism and division in the Palestinian camp.”[4]

Al-Jazirah Columnist: Hamas Is Many Times More Dangerous For Gaza Residents Than Israel

Al-Jazirah (Saudi Arabia), March 24, 2019

Muhammad Aal Al-Sheikh stated in his March 24, 2019 column for the Saudi Al-Jazirah daily that Hamas was willing to kill half of the Gaza Strip residents if they opposed its policy, adding that members of political movements such as Hamas, the MB, and the Taliban, as well as Iran, were much more dangerous for the Gazans and the Arabs in general than Israel. He wrote:

“Hamas, that puts on a Muslim face and belongs to the MB, has clashed with the Gaza masses that took to the streets to demonstrate demanding food and medicine and complaining about the unemployment that rises by the day. [It did this] by means of gunfire and clubs, and imprisoned some of them [i.e. the protestors]… It is now clear [to everyone] that this benighted [Hamas] is ready to kill half of Gaza’s residents with no regard for religion or human rights when anyone opposes its repressive, tyrannical policy. Hamas attained power in the [Gaza] Strip via the ballot box, waving the slogan ‘Institute Sharia for Liberating Palestine,’ but as soon as it held the reins of power, it became an authoritarian, tyrannical regime interested in nothing but remaining in power at any price.  

“What Hamas is doing is not limited to its own activists; this is the system used by all those who pretend to be Muslims when they attain power… All [our] experience with the Muslim pretenders of our time proves and confirms this, beginning with Iran and the Taliban in Afghanistan [through] Sudan under [President Omar] Al-Bashir, who instituted MB doctrine in the country and divided the country in two, to today’s Hamas…

“The catastrophe of the Gazans is that they fled the oppression, the takeover and the siege of the Zionists just to fall into tyranny uglier and more loathsome than that of the Israelis. These [Hamas members] who pretend to be Muslims are liars who slaughter [people] in full view, as they repeatedly chant ‘Allah Akbar!’ Will the Gazans, and the Arabs in general, ever be convinced that these bearded men disguised as Muslims are a danger many times greater for them than the Israeli side?”

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