Fox News Shuts Down Talk about Vandalism Against French Churches

by Avi Abelow

This is crazy. The contributor is a regular Fox News contributor, Bill Donahue, President of the Catholic League. The program was about the Notre Dame Cathedral fire and Donahue was raising the fact that many Churches have been vandalized recently across France, and the Fox News anchor shut him up immediately.

Our previous article on the Notre Dame fire documents the tons of cases of Church vandalism and fires in France over the past few months. Just click into the article to see the long list of incidents. The fact that Fox News is shutting down all talk about this is extremely shocking and disappointing. It seems that somebody is afraid of publicizing the possible connection between these acts of vandalism and arson against French Churches and Muslim migrants in France. The following Dry Bones cartoon says it best.

French Person Details the Vast Church Desecration in France

Donahue did not even mention Muslims or Muslim migrant involvement in the Church vandalizations and arson attacks, but yet immediately, the Fox News anchor totally shuts down Donahue and stops his involvement in the show. Based on what? The anchor says “We can not make conjectures about this”, and Donahue respods “This is going on now, I’m not”. And just read the attached article with it all documenting. Yet the anchor says “Thank you, I’m sorry” and instantly cuts him off the program. The anchor then continues with an explanation of why they cut off the guest. “I do want to let everyone know that we are not trying to be rude to our guest here. There is so much we do not know about what happened here. We do know…” As if news anchors or contributors never talk about conjectures or misinform the viewers on other topics? What a disgrace! It looks like a deliberate decision to shut down talk on the potential connection between Islamic terror and the vandalism and arsons of Churches in France, maybe even the Notre Dame. Now why would Fox News be shutting down all talk about that?

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