Fox news caves to group with terrorist ties

by Leah Rosenberg

Is America on the verge of giving up on its democratic values? Even Fox News has caved to a terrorist group! What is next?

Fox News and Their Apology

It is shocking. But Fox News actually gave in to a terrorist organization and apologized for Judge Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Ilhan Omar. CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) demanded that Fox News apologize, and they actually caved in. They did. They are supposed to be the ones to fight against this Islamic extremism, and they gave in to it. CAIR has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. They support terrorism. How can Fox do such a thing? What are they even apologizing for? Offending terrorists? It is surprising that they sided with CAIR. That is not the solution to fighting against terrorism.

Democracy and Free Speech

What is happening to American values? Where has Democracy gone? Out the window, it seems. We are letting extremist organizations like CAIR dictate our opinions. That is a frightening reality to be in. CAIR is trying to silence a journalist, Judge Jeanine. What happened to free speech? These are terrorists that Fox News is trying to appease! We cannot be silent in a world where Islamic extremists are trying to take away our democracy and our values. What is next? This video shows CAIR’s ties to terrorist organizations. Everyone can see the truth. Things will only get worse if we remain silent. We are seeing the America we once knew completely trampled upon. Do not let that happen!

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