The most dangerous threat to the BDS movement

by Leah Rosenberg

The anti-Israel BDS Movement has been publicly exposed for what it really is: A terrorist organization. Find out about the “Terrorists in Suits.”

The BDS Movement

The BDS Movement, or the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement, aims to weaken Israel. They want to boycott Israel on false pretenses. They are really just a completely anti-Israel group. And now, there has been a report written up so the whole world can know the truth! They are not a human rights movement or anything of the sort. They are just a racist organization that paints themselves in a way that blinds some of the world to the truth. But what will they do now? Will being exposed in such a definitive way change people’s minds? It definitely should.

Terrorists in Suits

Last month, the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs issued a formal report on the ties between the BDS movement and terror organizations (see the following link). Even before the above release, the media and some state officials, such as the Arizona Attorney General, have been increasingly focusing on the connections between BDS and terror organizations.

It is not only that BDS organizations are being led by terror activists and individuals with proven connections to terror, but there is also an ample amount of evidence showing that the BDS movement actually originated from terrorist groups that aimed to promote their message of delegitimization of Israel across the Western world. Last week, Salah Kjawaja, a senior member of the BDS National Council and a “retired” terrorist, confessed that the “Terrorist in Suits” report is the most dangerous threat to the BDS international movement. It is a great accomplishment when a Jew-hating, anti-Israel BDS leader admits that this is a serious threat to their “grassroots” movement.

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