The signs of genocide coming from America’s own Ilhan Omar

by Leah Rosenberg

Ilhan Omar is a politician serving in the US House of Representatives for Minnesota’s Fifth District. She was one of the first two Muslims that have been elected to congress.


Genocide is the international destruction of a people, whether it be a race or religion. When Hitler decided that to cleanse the people, he needed to kill anyone who was different, Jew or gay. This is called the Holocaust, this was a kind of genocide. There have been other genocides, in other countries, not just in Nazi Germany. The war in Darfur, between two rebel groups and the government of Sudan, which they were accused of oppressing the non-Arab community. Many people may also know of the Armenian Genocide, that took place in 1914-1923.

After the Holocaust, in 1945, the United Nations adopted under the International Law that genocide was forbidden. They adopted the Convention of the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. “Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings,
results in great losses to humanity in the form of cultural and other contributions represented by these human groups, and is contrary to moral law and the spirit and aims of the United Nations.” 

What are the signs of Genocide?

When a country starts to state the difference between us and them. The Germans started to do this before World War 2. Are you a German Jew or a Jewish German? What comes first? The segregation, knowing there is a difference between people and beginning to separate them. Another sign would be when people who are different, like the Jew, are being told they need to wear a certain symbol, or only shop in certain stores. Why? Because they are different.

Discrimination, when a group passes law and uses legal ways for a group to stand out. To deny them rights, discrimination can be based on nationality, ethnicity, race or religion. When a group of people are made to feel less then human, like the Germans made the Jews feel with the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. When propaganda is spread, hate about a nation or religion, people are driven to hate others.

The people started to be persecuted. In Germany, the Synagogues, the storefronts of Jews were destroyed. Hitler, when deciding how to deal with the Jewish People, came up with the final solution. The Jews were sent to concentration camps and over 6 million Jews were either shot or gassed in chambers.

Arab Incitement
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