Muslim Party in Belgium plans for Islamic state and Sharia Law

by Leah Rosenberg

As citizens of Arab States in the middle east begin to flee to western Europe, they start to enter the world of politics. They want to get their voices heard in countries they now live in.

Muslim Sharia Law

The Sharia law refers to the law that is divine, it is Gods law. The Quran is one of the sources of the law, as well as authentic hadith, Qiyas which is analogical reasoning and ijma which is juridical consensus. Historically, the interpretation of the law was done by independent jurists, also known as Muftis. Their legal opinion was taken into account by appointed Judges who presided over the courts.

The Sharia law distinguishes between men and women, free persons and slaves and Muslims and non-Muslims. Most Muslim countries, nowadays, have adopted some sort of Sharia law. Sharia law, however, does go against values of human rights. It is known that in Saudi Arabia they beat women for not dressing right, they are not allowed to drive either.

In today’s world, because the way people are treated under Sharia law there is opposition. Some countries across Europe and North America have started to ban Sharia law. Some Muslim countries impose the death penalty for gays, leaving and speaking out against Islam is prohibited. In many families, if the wife has been disobedient the Sharia law prohibits wife beating.


ISIS, the Islamic State, that is causing many people from countries, such as Syria to flee to western Europe, many of these refugees have settled in Belgium. In many countries in the middle east, people opposing Islamic law have been attacked. Many people not wanting to stay in a country that they could get killed in, picked up their lives and left. There has been mass immigration across western Europe and many to the United States.

Separation Of Religion and State

This is a topic that comes up often, it is hard to know where one begins and the other ends. In a state, like Israel, it is even harder, after all Israel is a Jewish State. However, in countries such as Belgium, where many Muslims have settled, there is a separation. Now, Muslims are gathering together to create their own political party. The biggest question though, what will this mean? Will they oppose Islamic Law, whether all or some laws on the western nation?

Many believe religion is a matter which is between man and God, not between man and man. It is a fine line between Church and State, one that many countries find hard to define. For people to worship freely, whether a Jew or a Christian, Muslim there cannot be religious constrictions in the law of the land.

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