Ukrainian Refugee Goes on to Win Jerusalem Marathon

by Phil Schneider

The Jerusalem marathon was definitely different this year. Take a look at who won and what she and her husband had to say about the marathon.

Winning the Jerusalem Marathon

What’s going on between Russia and Ukraine is complicated. There is a lot to unpack and to understand. Many people have different opinions. Many people are being mislead. But the one thing that is definitely clear is that innocent people are getting caught in the line of fire – both literally and metaphorically. Innocent people who don’t want war. Innocent people who just want to live their lives. People like Valentina Verska. She wants peace. Escaping war-torn Ukraine was no easy feat. But Valentina did so and ended up in Israel. Although her husband is still in Ukraine fighting against the Russians, she ran in the Jerusalem Marathon. And she won.

It is amazing that people can suffer and still go on to do great things. It is a choice to continue to live and achieve things despite challenges. Valentina could have chosen NOT to participate in the marathon. She could have sat in despair. But she didn’t. And that is more remarkable than winning a marathon. That might not take physical skill, but it takes a lot of emotional skill. And sometimes, that can be harder.

Hopefully, Valentina and her husband will be reunited soon and safely and no more innocent people will need to flee or run for their lives. It is a difficult situation that we pray improves soon. Very soon.

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