Biden Goes Ballistic after Reporter Asks Question on Putin

by Phil Schneider

The obfuscation that comes out of the White House is due to the recent lack of clarity that Joe Biden has in his own mind. This is a new phenomenon that did not exist in Joe Biden’s mind back when he was Vice President, Senator, and Congressman. He may have had opinions that were not to one’s liking, but there was clarity of opinion and purpose. Biden was known as a straight-shooter. Today, he is simply unable to stay on message for days and weeks at a time as he struggles to deal with his mental acuity issues.

The White House has become the office of damage control of whatever comes out of the Biden mouth. To be fair, the Trump White House was also based on the similar concept. But at least Donald Trump, in his own unique fashion, had clarity of purpose. Trump may have changed his mind on a dime due to his extreme focus on his personal image and had no problem disgracing honorable people who had served the country for decades. That is a deplorable character trait. But at least his mental acuity was not in question.

It is my strong opinion that the mental health of any Presidential candidate must be a serious issue that is discussed in every election. Those who think that Donald Trump was mentally unstable should be allowed to argue their point – and face the vicious wrath of Donald Trump. Those who claim that Joe Biden is mentally unfit should not be silenced. Let Jen Psaki and others argue otherwise. After all, Biden doesn’t seem able to argue much of anything these days. All he seems able to muster is his go-to line of “C’mon, Gimme a Break.”

With Biden’s 50+ years of experience in Washington, he is arguably more able to put on a good show – while suffering from cognitive decline – better than anyone else in Washington. But I would prefer a President with personality defects like Nixon, Clinton, or Trump than a President who may not be able to comprehend that a threat of World War III is at the doorstep.

America needs much more than a big change in Congress in 2022. America needs to heed the wake up call that Vladimir Putin has given the world. We need serious and strong leadership in the Oval Office.

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