5 Shot Dead In Bnei Brak As Terror Wave Explodes In Israel

by David Mark

Five Israelis were shot dead in Bnei Brak tonight as three gun men were on the loose and heavily armed.

Israel had already been reeling from 6 killed in 2 different terror attacks this week – a sharp increase from years past. Tonight’s attack has now set the nation ablaze. ISIS inspired attacks, carried out by mostly Israeli Arabs has shocked Israelis across the political spectrum.

The terrorists in tonight’s attack used M-16s to shoot victims in cold blood before being taken out themselves. Police were able to accost one and eliminate the other. A third is still at large at the time of this writing.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said the following:

“I strengthen the civilians and the police who shot at the terrorists in the various arenas. I spoke to some of them and thanked them on behalf of us all. These are heroes who, thanks to their courage, saved human lives. We are at the dawn of a challenging time. We have known terrorism, from the beginning of Zionism. They did not break us then and they will not break us today. The secret of our existence is the mutual guarantee between us, our determination to maintain the house we built – at all costs.”

With the sharp rise in terror attacks this week and Ramadan arriving soon, many citizens are staying away from populated areas on the coast where armed citizens are far and few between. With terror now out of control, most wonder if the security forces have what it takes to stamp out the terror before it spirals completely out of control.

This terror wave has political ramifications inside Israel as well. If the terror continues, the shaky coalition of unlikely partners may find the situation is far too complicated to hold the government together. After all, it’s hard to fight terror when one of the government members has associations with the same radical Israeli Arab Muslim leaders who are lending a hand in fanning the flames.

It takes only one MK looking to rehabilitate his or her rightwing bonafides to jump ship and collapse the coalition.

In terms of geopolitics, Israel must contain this terror wave fast or it may find itself weakened in such a way that will make it near impossible to sustain the coming Iranian onslaught.

This coalition was forged last Ramadan through the usage of political loopholes and backroom deals and it may be this Ramadan that ends up dooming it.

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