Must Hear: Emotional Song for Jews in War-Torn Ukraine

by Leah Rosenberg

Russia and Ukraine are making news headlines right now. Here is a touching and emotional song for the Jews trying to escape.

Ukraine and its Jews

It’s true – we don’t know everything going on in Ukraine right now. There are a lot of lies spreading throughout social media. News networks are not always sharing the truth. But what we do know is that many innocent people are getting caught in something that they should not be part of. And there are many Jews who are suffering because of this war. And when a Jew suffers somewhere in the world, the entire nation comes to support him. The Jewish people are one family. Jews are willing to help each other from the other side of the world, even if they have never met before. Because that is what it means to be part of the Jewish nation.

This song is sad and beautiful. It is sad that people need to escape their homes and leave everything behind. It is sad that they need to escape in such fear and that their lives are in such danger. But the thing that is beautiful is how many people want to help and how many people care.

We pray that this war will end. We pray that innocent people will be able to live safely again. We pray to the One Above because He is the only One who can help. He is the One to turn to.

And we pray that songs like these will never need to be written again.

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