Candace Owens’ Perfect Response After NYT Reporter Accuses Her of Working for Putin

by Phil Schneider

Ukraine is a country that has struggled to move more toward the West and not live under the big shadow of Russia. Well, now they have much more than a shadow of Russia covering their country. They have Russian artillery bombarding them from east to west and north and south. Ukraine is in a struggle to survive as a country. They are doing quite well in warding off the Russian advance, but it is taking a huge toll on Ukraine.

The millions of refugees may grow to as much as 10 million refugees, 1/10 of the country. That is a number that will have a profound impact going forward. But the main question is who will win the war? Will Ukraine somehow survive the onslaught and just lose some of the land in Eastern Ukraine and near the port cities in the South?

If so, Zelensky is indeed a hero to be lauded and Ukraine will emerge much stronger than before. They may even be brought into the NATO orbit. Vladimir Putin has just brought back NATO to become a major force in the world, following decades of dormancy.

But all of this does not change the fact that Ukraine is a country filled with corruption that must also work hard to become a modern country where power is not largely held by a small number of enormously wealthy people. Candace Owens is right for shining a light on the issues that Ukraine must still deal with – when the dust settles from the war.

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