Video Exposes Fake Russia-Ukraine War Footage Spreading on Social Media

by Leah Rosenberg

Those who follow Israel know that the media has been exaggerating and lying to the world about what happens in Israel for decades. So, it is not surprising that they would be providing us misinformation on what is happening in the Ukraine/Russia crisis as well. It seems impossible to know what information to trust!

On the other hand, there are so many people in the Ukraine with video cameras that are able to send out actual footage, that it is much more difficult to cover up a massive invasion like the one Russia has just done.

The truth about how serious the Russian invasion and killing in Kiev is will probably not take years to clarify. It will probably become more lear within a week or two. But don’t be surprised to find out that Russian and Ukrainian causalties have been far greater than the numbers we are hearing.

Putin thinks very carefully before acting and does care what information gets leaked out. Even if Ukrainians are being treated horribly now, that doesn’t turn the people of Ukraine into saints. The history of the entire region is filled with horrendous stories on both ends. But one thing is clear – the importance of the air waves and the internet in warfare has become far more important than at any time in history.

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