Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Highlights the Hypocrisy of the Biden Administration

by Leah Rosenberg

Throughout the pandemic, Governor Ron DeSantis has governed Florida the way that the President of the United States should have governed the nation! He has listened to experts with a proper amount of skepticism and resisted vaccine mandates and other activities that would have severely limited freedom from the American people. He has separated scientific analysis from public policy very effectively. Once can argue both ways about Florida’s track record. But it is definitely too early to make a definitive judgement. So far, DeSantis’ record is looking quite good.

Gov. Ron Desantis and the Hypocrisy of Biden

Check out the complete hypocrisy of the Biden administration. They dropped the rule of masks inside for US leadership in DC, as exemplified at the State of the Union address. But then the rule still exists for others? Why do their rules exist for some, including kids in schools, when the leaders don’t have to follow the same rules? The same science applies to everyone indoors. Either everyone has to wear them indoors or no one does. All freedom-loving people who are still stuck with mask mandates around the world, like in Israel, would like to know. At least the governor of Florida, Ron Desantis, has things right!

Can you imagine what America would look like if he was president and running the show? Things would be different. There is a reason people have been vacationing and actually moving to Florida.

Enough of the hypocrisy from DC and the Biden admin!

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