UN Lets Iran Join Women’s Rights Commission Disgracing Women Worldwide

by Leah Rosenberg

The United Nations just made a joke of the Women’s Rights Commission. Why would they allow an oppressive regime to join?

The UN Women’s Rights Commission

Beyond disturbing. Beyond sickening. Why does the United Nations even exist? To mock everything about human rights? To shame those who are good in the world? How can they justify allowing a country like Iran to join the UN Council on Status of Women? The Iranian regime mistreats women! They oppress them! This whole thing is one big joke. Except it’s not funny. The only ones laughing are the evil regimes of the world.

Iranian women can and have been jailed for basically existing; for doing regular things that women in other countries can freely do. And that is the type of country that the UN wants on its council?

The purpose of the United Nations is most definitely not being fulfilled. And those who have dishonored its purpose are laughing. What a shame.

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