Trump’s speech nails it as Israel is under attack

by Leah Rosenberg

President Trump signs a proclamation that Israel has sovereignty over the Golan Heights. This comes at the same time that Hamas, in Gaza are shooting rockets, that reached a house, past Tel Aviv.

Golan Heights

The Golan Heights, is the northern part of Israel, around 1800 square kilometers. During the Ottoman Period, they made it hard for the Jewish People to purchase land, and although they started to settle in the Golan, many left due to hardships. During the French and British mandate period, a bulk of the Golan fell under French rule. Once the mandates came to an end, the Golan Heights fell into the hands of the newly independent state, Syria.

Between 1948 and 1967, there were many terror attacks on Israeli towns located south of the Syrian controlled Golan Heights. Many of the attacks were a result in who had control over the water resources, the main resource being the Lake of Tiberius, the Kinneret.

In 1967, when the Six Day War broke out shelling attacks on Israeli towns intensified. Between 9th-10th June Israel captured the Golan Heights. Many Syrians who lived in the Golan fled. Israel now had control up until the Mount Hermon, mountain range, a strategic view point.

Israel Defends Itself

Israel is a tiny country, surrounded by enemies. Countries like Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the list is endless. Many of these Arab countries want to see the Jewish People pushed back into the sea and wipe out the state of Israel. There are many terror groups in these countries, Hamas, Hezbollah, who are constantly firing rockets at Israeli towns trying to kill Israeli civilians. Like any other country, Israel has a right to defend itself.

Hamas in Gaza over recent days has been shooting more and more rockets at Israel, claiming it was an accident. An attack that happened most recently, where a house was hit, north of Tel Aviv. No one should have to run to a safe room in the middle of the night. No one should worry if it is safe to leave the house or where the nearest safe room is. Citizens of every country should be able to walk freely and go about their daily business.

Israel and the United States

Israel does not have many allies, but one country it can rely on is the United States. President Trump has helped Israel look out for itself. He moved the embassy of the US to Jerusalem, recognizing it as the capital of Israel. Now he signed a proclamation recognizing Israel’s right over the Golan Heights. It is a strategic viewpoint for security that will help Israel defend itself from possible future attacks from Syria and enemies beyond that.

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