What the world won’t admit about the state of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel, a country declared a state in 1948. A country surrounded by enemies, a country less then 100 years old, trying to find its place in a region, where it is surrounded by hate.

Before the land of Israel was a State

Israel, a homeland for the Jewish People, a place that is spoken about in the Bible. The place where the Jews settled, built up houses, planted trees, the land is a desolate. Yet the Jewish People have cultivated the land. God promised the land to Abraham and to his children. This area has belonged to the Jewish People for thousands of years. Moses took the Jews out of Egypt and into the desert, leading them to the land of Israel. King David settled here, King Solomon built the first Temple here. It is where Ezra built the second Temple and where the third Temple will be built.

The Balfour deceleration in 1917. This was a public document that the British government issued in support of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. However, 1917 was during the first World War, even after the War ended there was no deceleration of a Jewish homeland. Most of the population at the time were Christian and Muslim who strongly disagreed with the deceleration. We all know that after World War ended in 1918, there was no deceleration of a homeland for the Jewish People in Palestine.

San Remo Conference was held in Sanremo, a place in Italy in 1920. Here many nations gathered together to discuss what should be done with the lands the falling Ottoman Empire. The area, Palestine, Syria and Mesopotamia were split and under the control of different governments, This was part of the League of Nations Mandate and was established in 1922. Now Palestine was under the control of the British Government and there was no document declaring a homeland for the Jewish People.

After the League of Nations deteriorated, Hitler started to gain power in 1933, followed by World War 2, 1939-1945. During which the Holocaust where over 6 million Jews were killed. 1945 sees the establishment of the United Nations, after seeing the horrors of World War 2 and unsure of how to deal with the land of the middle east region. The UN Partition Plan is created in 1947.

UN Partition Plan

The UN Partition plan would grant land to the Arabs and give a homeland to the Jewish People, after the horrors they suffered they needed a place they could call home. The Arabs disagreed with this plan, the Jews, however, celebrated. The plan was voted for in the United Nations, 33 countries for it, 13 against. The British now said they would leave Palestine at midnight 14th May 1948. May 15th 1948 David Ben Gurion stood up in a hall in Tel Aviv and declared the State of Israel.

The deceleration in 1948 was then followed by the Israeli Arab war. Israel was attacked on all fronts by its neighbors. There was much Arab terrorism even after the war was over. 1967, Israels neighbors surprised Israel with another attack, leading to the 6 day War.

Israel when declared a State, accepted the Arab population that lived inside its borders. However, most left after being told to do so by their leaders in neighboring countries. They were told this new state would not last a week and they would get their homes back, Until this day, some of these people are in refugee camps. For the Jews who lived in Arab lands they were told to pick up and leave, they were welcome no longer and they were accepted, and welcomed into the land of Israel, a place they could now call home.

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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