Canadian filmmaker fights back against Roger Waters’ blatant antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

If you are anti Zionist, disagree with the State of Israel. Does that make you automatically antisemitic as well?

Anti Zionist

Israel a country the Jewish People call home, a State that was established in 1948 after the terrors of World War 2. A country that has grown tremendously in the midst of enemies. However, due to the media, many people feel how Israel treats Arab citizens is unacceptable. The Arabs are not the one stopping the peace process but Israel is. Israel is building settlements and stopping aid from entering Gaza. There are people who believe what Israel is doing is not right. This is anti-Zionist, being against the State of Israel.

There are citizens in every country who disagree with their own government. There are many people who did not vote for Trump, and many people protest daily by the White House against his actions. Are those people called anti-USA or anti-France? Why are people against Israel so much? Mainly because of its strategic location and that it is a country surrounded by enemies. It is a country that from day one has been unloved by the World its surrounded by.


Where Does the Term Antisemitic Come From?

The word Semitic is a term used for an ethnic, cultural or racial group who spoke the Semitic language. These languages include, Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic and other minority languages, that are rarely heard today. The word antisemitic was derived in Germany in 1879 as a word for hatred of the Jews.

The word has now been adopted to mean every thing that is done against the Jewish People. The Crusades, the expulsion of the Jews from England or Spain, the Holocaust and the list goes on. This is known as anti Semitic, the person doing the act is called an anti Semite.

Can you be Anti-Zionist Without being Antisemitic?

With Jewish People sitting in the government of the Jewish state, Israel. These two phrases tend to go hand in hand. It is hard to be one with out the other. Speaking out against Israel, telling them they are causing the violence in the middle east. That they are hurting the Arab citizens of Gaza, that they should end the occupation. Shows that you believe the Jewish People should not have a homeland in a place that even the Bible calls their home.

Attacks happening on Jewish communities around the world is antisemitic. It is showing your hatred against a certain race. The Jewish people were around long before the Christians and the Muslims. They have a right to exist as much as their neighbors. If you are anti-zionist you are antisemitic, they go hand in hand but if you are antisemitic, the reasons why might not make you anti-zionist as well.

Roger Waters, The Power of a Musician

Roger Waters a famous musician in the Pink Floyd group has spoken out against Israel. The government should end of the occupation, stop building settlements, since this is not helping the peace process. Waters has also spoken in favor of BDS, the movement trying to boycott Israel. He has spoken to fellow musicians asking them not to give a concert in Israel. A musician has many fans, this is dangerous for Israel. Many fans will listen to what Waters has to say and continue to boycott Israel.

Arab Incitement
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