Trump does something that has never been done before in history

by Leah Rosenberg

Fighting terrorism, one group at a time. We may not be able to eradicate all terrorism in one shot, but Trump is definitely trying to do his part to help.

Trump Working to Stop Terrorism

You may not like the president’s personality. You may think Trump says things he shouldn’t say, especially for a president and especially in public.

But you have to admit – Trump stands strong against terrorism. He has made it a priority to try to stop evil in the world. He does not deal lightly with those who try to destroy America, Israel, or any other ally. He takes white supremacy seriously, and does what he can to stop it.

He should be getting some positive news coverage for what his administration recently did. But it seems that there is no such thing as positive news coverage for the president. It seems like the media is a bit one sided, doesn’t it?

Strong Against White Supremacy

This move shows that Trump stands strongly against white supremacy. The Left wants to make it seem like Trump himself is a Neo-Nazi. That claim is absurd, and now there is even more proof.

The president has openly fought against antisemitism. His daughter is Jewish. So no, he is not a Neo-Nazi.

It is okay to disagree with Trump if he makes a mistake or has a different opinion. But spreading lies and creating a false narrative is just wrong.

It almost seems like the more good that the president does, the more backlash he gets. And that is how you know something is very, very wrong.

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