Hilarious: Why an Israeli-American comedian wants Iran to “flatten” Tel-Aviv

by Phil Schneider

There are many reasons to look at life in a light-hearted manner. Israel is well-known for being able to always have comedy – even in the most difficult times. Interestingly, most of the politicians in Israel go on the comedy programs in order to reach out to they younger crowd. Comedians, like in America, focus more on politics than nearly any other issue. What unites and divides us is very similar when it comes to politics. Comedians allow us to get through the frustrations of life.

Everybody needs a dose of laughter in their life. But for one person, the laughter comes from comedy, the other gets it from playing with little children, and yet another person gets it from reading history books. The key is to find a mode of relaxation that works for each person. Too many people build up habits that don’t include enough laughter in their life.

For many, sports is the outlet for them. For others, it will come from meaningful relationships with others. But what is needed more than anything is a realization that the world is filled with way too much information. We all need to find times when we shut down the flow of info throughout the day, and allow our minds and hearts to breathe deeply. So, whether or not we take a yoga class, a brisk walk, or watch a comedian, we will all be better off – and happier.

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