Trump Takes On China’s Deepening Control Of Global Institutions

by David Mark

The Chinese Communist Party has not only exerted tremendous control over global supply chains, which has made it harder for countries to criticize it, but it virtually controls the World Health Organization (WHO).

President Trump along with others, have properly identified the near complete control China has on global institutions like the UN. While Trump has never had patience for the UN or other satellite organizations, China’s take over of them has given him the ability to garner public and ally support for his defunding of the WHO and similar organizations.

China has always staked their global game plan on controlling supply chains, the United Nations, and insidiously taking over universities and media platforms in enemy countries.

While it is impossible to break the CCP’s control completely, the Trump administration along with allies like Australia and India are beginning to pull together in an attempt at pushing back on the CCP advances.

All of this can be considered the opening shots of a new Cold War. This is why we are seeing shifting alliances and a new willingness to create powerful new checks on the Chinese Communist Party’s power.

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