The unexpected result when Arabs attacked Israel in 1967

by Leah Rosenberg

How did Israel win a war that they were outnumbered by in every area? When G-d is on your side, nothing is impossible. Here is the story of the Six Day War.

Six Day War and the Miracles

The fact that Israel won this war is more than miraculous. The only way to explain it is with G-d in the picture. He clearly orchestrated every single aspect of this war. It is really a reminder that He orchestrates EVERY aspect of every day.

According to statistics, Israel should have been defeated. According to logic, there was no way Israel would win. Israel should have been obliterated.

But G-d had other plans.

Being Thankful

There is an idea in Judaism called “Hakarat Hatov.” It literally means recognizing the good that someone does for you. It means being thankful.

The Jewish people are thankful that G-d gave them the strength to overcome the enemy in the Six Day War (and always). And regaining control over the Temple Mount and Western Wall was an even greater gift to be thankful for.

Jerusalem Day is about thanking G-d and having Hakarat Hatov for the numerous miracles He performed to help Israel win the war. It is a celebratory day that the people of Israel will continue to celebrate for years to come.

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