This Video Proves The UN Is An Enemy Of Israel

by David Mark

The IDF released footage today showing a cache of weapons found by the Paratroopers Brigade in southern Gaza’s Khan Yunis, in a building adjacent to a United Nations school.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the IDF explains in the video that Hamas operatives would hide in the UN school that was being used as a shelter for Gazan “civilians”, and sneak into the adjacent building by way of a hole in the wall to grab weapons to attack Israeli troops.

In another nearby building, the troops found even more firearms, ammunition, and military equipment. 

The UN has been virulently anti-Israel for decades. Its daughter organization, UNRWA was coopted by Hamas and other Jihadist Nazis years ago. The Israeli government is pushing forward with its goal to completely dismantle UNRWA and remove it from all areas of the Land of Israel. UNRWA’s ideology of hate and promotion of genocide within the “palestinian” population renders it equivalent to a terrorist organization. 

Will the Netanyahu government finally declare UNRWA terrorists, which would make its leadership terrorists. This would mean as far as Israel is concerned, the UN is actively harboring terrorists. What’s interesting – Qatar is doing the same thing – is there really a difference?

Not much.

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